The main deity of the temple is Lord Mahadeva installed in the form of Linga idol surrounded by other deities namely Swayambhoo Sastha, Mannadi Bhagavathi, Mahaganapathi and other Updevathas (sub-deities) such as Bhoothathan, Rakshas, Yakshi and Nagaraja. Due to the presence of Mahadeva and Sastha idols in the temple, there are two Dhwajas (towering flag posts coated with copper) adjacent to each other which is a rare spectacle seldom seen in other temples. The Mahasiva idol and the Sastha idols are installed facing each other in this temple. The sanctum sanctorum of Lord Mahadeva was constructed in a circular manner and bears testimony to the fineness of ancient Kerala sculpture as in other prominent Shiva temples of Kerala. The artistically decorated towering Gopurams on the east and west Nada and the Anakkottil (waiting area for elephants during the festival ceremony) are indeed rare specialties.

According to legend the main deity was installed by the majestic saint Khara who was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and it claims an antiquity of more than 1100 years. In those ancient times the place where the temple is now situated was covered with thick green forest. Saint Khara perfomed penance here and was successful in pleasing Lord Shiva by his devotion. Saint Khara installed three Shiva Lingas during an auspicious time at three different places at an equal distance from each other in the east-west direction. The Maha Shiva Linga was installed at Kalanjoor and the other two were installed at Peringanad and Arukalikkal. The thanthram of this temple is performed by Kullakkada Thamarassery Nambi Madhom and the present Thanthri (chief priest) is Bhramasree Ramesh Bhanu Bhanu Pandarathil. Pillavaipu, Jaladhara, Pushapanjali, Mrithyunjahomam, Adithyanamaskaram, Therali, Unniappam etc are the major offerings here.


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